I work with companies who are often incredibly immature when it comes to technical strategy delivery. That’s not to say some of the individuals I encounter are immature technically speaking, but overall need help in key areas across technology.

Because of this, and due to a conversation I’ve had recently discussing this very thing, I wanted to discuss ‘DevOps’. In laymans terms because like methodologies in Project Management I talk about here, ‘DevOps’ is one of those terms often used incorrectly or often without truly knowing what it is.

In a nutshell, (and to me) DevOps specifically involves running tools across both the technology stack (at development & organisational ends) & the business IS and IT ends, which help support the delivery of continuous improved software, integration and delivery. So if you’re endeavouring to be ‘Agile’ in your organisation, you’ll want your IT, Systems, Architecture & Development teams using tools which help support this way of working. To me, that’s DevOps in a nutshell. You can read more here

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