Agile Cube

Learning the important elements of Agile, discarding the bullshit with an innovative NFC training aid

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Enterprise Agility, Agile Practices inc DevOps

Coaching, Consultancy and practical deployment of Agile. Large scale change across verticals including Banking, Entertainment & Retail I was having an interesting chat yesterday, and as a consultant who gets…

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Classroom or Boardroom – Business Consultancy across IT & Technology

I've worked with companies to make them more efficient using a range of frameworks and then coached them in the ongoing maintenance of that best practice. Get in touch with…

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Agile Cube

The problem with Agile is it’s confusing. SAFe this, Nexus that, the ‘Manifesto’, Scrum, Kanban, the list of approaches, processes, frameworks & best practice is often overwhelming. Couple that with the constant re-hashing of the material year on year, means many are constantly confused when it comes to Agile. Ask one hundred ‘Agilists’ what Agile is, and you’ll get one hundred different answers. Agile is one of those topics because its many things to many people, especially our clients. How could we ensure when we’re talking about Agile, our baseline…


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