Doing it Right – the Agile landscape

Yes it’s another post on ‘Agile’ – primarily because I’m doing some mentoring at present with a PM and really I wanted to remind myself of my own thoughts on Agile, how I’ve implemented it and some of the challenges I’ve faced in Business Units when it came to adoption.

When I’m in front of a client and I ask the question ‘are you Agile?’ I often get a resounding ‘YES’ only to find only the very lightest sprinkling of Agile tenets have been barely adopted throughout the team. They are left stuck wondering why Agile wasn’t the magic bullet they had hoped for and why all their projects weren’t flying out the door on time, and to budget. Usually why I’m there in front of them!

Almost like a magic wand, I see Managers & Dept. Heads bandying the term around with wanton abandon but a team left scrabbling into what it means and how they should deliver it. Not to mention the types of character who don’t interface particularly well with Agile (we’ll come onto this later). It’s a complicated beast this Agile and yet discussed with all the frivolity of how many sugars to have in your tea!

With so much training available now not only in Agile overall, but with the various components within it, I’m still often surprised by how little contextual understanding people have when it comes to Agile. For those that do the training, there’s the issue of then understanding on how it will fit in their own organisation. Agile is moldable, but often it’s used as a hammer to beat staff with. You can read more here

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